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Prince Charles and Camilla Cut Holiday Short to Visit Youth in Communities Where Rioting Broke Out

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(Getty Images: Steve Parsons/WPA/Pool)

Showing concern for the state of youth in his country, Prince Charles and Camilla ended their holiday in Scotland to visit youth Tottenham in the areas where the UK riots recently broke out. The Prince of Wales already contributes significant amounts of money through The Prince's Trust help underprivileged youth. Clarence House recently announced that the amount of money to this charity would be doubled. What was notable of the coverage of his tour through these neighbourhoods was how the poor in these neighbourhoods felt at ease speaking with the Prince, and opened up to him about their concerns about the lawlessness and the government's response.

This stood in stark contrast to the elected politicians like Prime Minister David Cameron who, perhaps in part to address public anger, were obliged to take a hard line against the youth. The Prince in contrast was able to leave the criminal prosecutions to the British Prime Minister's Office and address issues on how to improve programs that will allow youths to escape the gang culture and improve their lives. Many living in these neighbourhoods remarked to reporters how much they appreciated the unexpected visit by the Prince and his wife. They expressed their appreciation for the compassion shown by the couple saying they 'would not have expected them to care.'


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