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New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key Pays Tribute to Fallen Hero, Kiwi SAS Soldier Corporal Doug Grant

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Key Notes: Remembering Corporal Doug Grant

During one of his regular addresses to New Zealanders updating them on the affairs of the country Prime Minister John Key gives a heartfelt tribute to the recently fallen hero, New Zealand Special Air Services Member Doug Grant.  This highly elite unit, modeled after the UK's Special Air Services, is part of New Zealand's contribution to the US-led War in Afghanistan. The word 'hero' is often tossed around casually in today's media, but Corporal Doug Grant died in the heroic act of attempting to rescue hostages from the British Council offices in Kabul, Afghanistan.  The portrait of Queen Elizabeth behind the Right Honourable John Key is a fitting backdrop from which to pay tribute to a soldier who sacrificed his life 'For Queen and Country'.

Some might remember seeing New Zealand Prime Minister Key from his attendance
at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton last Ap
Below is a transcript of the remarks in his video from the PM's 'Key Notes' newsletter:

"Yesterday I went to the private SAS memorial service for Corporal Doug Grant.

Corporal Grant, who was 41 years old, was killed in Afghanistan last Friday. He was shot while trying to rescue hostages from the British Council offices in Kabul, and died on the way to hospital.

His death is a stark reminder of the dangers our Defence Force personnel face while serving in Afghanistan.

My thoughts are with Corporal Grant's wife, Tina, his two young children, and his whole family. On Monday I'll be attending the Defence Force funeral at Linton Army Camp."


Corporal Douglas Grant who paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country.
May God rest your soul and may He keep watch over your widow and family!



Key Notes: Remembering Corporal Doug Grant

Corporal Grant begins final journey