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Left-Wing Pundits Call Tea Party Terrorists, Exploit Norway Shootings to Undermine War on Terrorism

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One of the world's foremost experts on terrorism explains how a left-wing propaganda machine tries to attribute mainstream Christian and conservative ideas to a psychopath's self-designed doctrine written to justify his megalomaniacal mission.

I ask you first the read the previous posting on this blog for some background.

Not long after bona fide Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik murdered seventy-seven people in the 2011 Norway attacks, an exasperated US Vice President Joe Biden is reported to have referred to the Tea Party movement as 'terrorists'. There's no question that the US Vice President made those remarks in a highly-charged emotional atmosphere on Capitol Hill, when the White House was frustrated at how slow the talks to raise the debt-ceiling were going in large part to the Tea Party Caucus in the US Congress.

To their credit the White House press corps was quick to call the aforementioned comments 'inappropriate' as soon as they were reported and apologized. The very fact that the Tea Party had worked and continues to work to elect members of Congress disqualifies them for using violence achieve political ends. Nonetheless, is this really the first time that left-wing politicians and their media pundits have made outlandish claims about the threat of terrorism from Christians and conservatives?

The answer, unfortunately, must be 'no'. You might recall a few years back that at the same time the left-wing US administration of President Obama was working shutting down Guantanamo Bay arguing the threat of Islamic terrorism was overblown, US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was defending a report emphasizing the threat of terrorism from military veterans recruited by "Christian fundamentalist" and "conservative, right-wing" groups. As with Biden's comments, the White House eventually apologized to veterans.

So members the left-wing have been exploiting every terrorist attack from the Oklahoma City bombing to the Norway attacks by accusing the words of Christians and conservatives for inciting 'right-wing extremism'. The latest mantra from the left-wing is that Islamophobia from politicians like Dutch politician Geert Wilders is also to blame for these shootings. Other culprits responsible for brainwashing Breivik include the British "far-right" which presumably includes anyone who doesn't support the EU and multiculturalism.

Irshad Manji, another so-called  
'right-wing extremist'.
As columnist Mark Steyn said yesterday on The Source with Ezra Levant, almost anyone whose ideology doesn't conform to political correctness is automatically labelled as 'right-wing'. As an example Steyn includes Islamic feminist Irshad Manji who, like Breivik, is also described by the usual suspects as 'right-wing'. So right-wing parties in Norway are being blamed, the Tea Party and Sarah Palin are being blamed, and conservative media personalities are being blamed for not confessing that Breivik was inspired by their writings.

The truth is that Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was an atheist who criticized both left-wing liberals and right-wing conservatives of destroying America. Even a cursory glance at Anders Breivik's manifesto reveals someone who is a non-practicing, cultural Christian who quotes in his manifesto as much from left-wing writers like Canadian Naomi Klein as he does right-wing ones like American Robert Spencer.

Remember John Allen Muhammad who was the perpetrator of the Beltway sniper attacks or the recent Fort Hood shooting? No, I am sure you don't. And the reason is that the left-wing media is trying to create a narrative which is that Caucasian, Christian and conservative men who watch Fox News Channel are just as likely to commit acts of terrorism as are Arab Muslim men who watch Al-Jazeera. This is portrayed humoursly in the movie An American Carol:

We conservatives understand is that those ultimately responsible for terrorist acts of violence are the terrorists themselves who carried out those attacks. The reason the left-wing is dangerous is they seek to politicize the apolitical by blaming any possible part of society except the actual perpetrator for acts of terrorism. If it can't be explained by poverty, racism, sexism, or another unjust discrimination then it must be because of the 'right-wing'. How else to explain their insistence that Fox News or the Tea Party is somehow more responsible for the Norway attacks than Anders Breivik himself?


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