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Hurricane Irene Hoax: Tomorrow's Weather Forecast Wrong, But Not Future Climate Predictions?

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A satellite image of Hurricane Irene headed to the North American East Coast. Also featured is Al Gore's head spinning out of control from trying to spin to the public how every weather event is due to man-made climate change. 
Despite all the dire warnings from experts that Hurricane Irene would cause horrific damage to the East Coast of North America, it turned out that the forecasts for the strength of winds and the amount of rain were greatly overestimated.  The big talk in New York City is that Mayor Bloomberg went too far in shutting down the subway and other services in preparation for the storm.  And yet prior to Irene hitting the East Coast both FEMA and media were reporting that Irene would be far stronger and bring far more catastrophic consequences.  So the question that must be asked: The experts couldn't properly forecast Irene's effect on New York City's weather the next day, but we're expected to believe their predictions for future climate patterns? 

Al Gore's climate-change scientists say in a report that we need to reduce our carbon emissions to avoid an alien invasion of planet earth, but then economist Paul Krugman says an alien invasion would be good to stimulate the economy as was done with the build-up to WWII. So American liberals seem deeply divided on whether an alien invasion would be good for mankind or not. Which of these two liberal academics will President Obama listen to?

And as expected, proponents of the theory of anthropological global warming or climate change were quick to blame Hurricane Irene on the effects of mankind's emission of greenhouse gases.  Some are already explaining away the embarrassing inaccuracy of these Irene predictions, saying that predicting weather is far more difficult than predicting climate. Well, if it's so difficult then how come these said climate experts are comfortable claiming that hurricanes like Irene are a direct cause of man-made climate change? So again, they can't accurately predict tomorrow's weather in New York City but they can definitively link this weather to long-term climate change patterns?

Today's news on the theory of anthropological global warming or man-made climate change became even stranger than what didn't happen with Hurricane Irene this past weekend. A report was released today, whose authors included reputed experts such as NASA scientists, that warned that man's greenhouse emissions could lead to an alien invasion from outer space. The report says that the aliens may seek to destroy mankind to protect other civilizations in the universe from our destructive, CO2-emitting ways. On the bright side US economist Paul Krugman, citing the economic build-up during WWII, recently suggested that an alien invasion would lead to economic recovery! 

Also in the news today was yet another bizarre outburst from the self-proclaimed climate change prophet himself, Al Gore Jr.  Ever since Climategate exposed that the East Anglia models being used to as evidence to support man-made climate change were deliberately manipulated, the Prophet Al no longer even tries to use scientific facts to argue in favour of his theory. This time Gore likened climate change skeptics to past racists in the US South like Bull Connor! In the Prophet Al's liberal mind a racist is not a Darwinist thinker who believes that groups of Homosapiens are at genetically different levels of evolutionary development, but a Tea Party conservative who's crazy enough to believe in the free market over central government planning!


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