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Chrome Now 2nd Most Used Web Browser in Britain, Study Shows this Blog's Readers Have Higher IQ

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It has been widely reported that Chrome has moved ahead of Firefox as the most used web browser in Britain.  This should not comes as a surprise since Google's Chrome web browser has been rated by many as being as fast or faster than Mozilla's Firefox.  It's also not surprising that Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still number one since it is tied with Microsoft's operating systems which remain the most used of their kind for PC operating systems.  Meanwhile, a new study reported by the BBC indicates that Internet Explorer users have a lower IQ than those who use other web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Camino and Opera. What does that mean? That means that, unsurprisingly, that the average reader of this blog has an above average  IQ. Here are the numbers from Google analytics of the above-average intelligence of this blog's readers:

Pageviews by Browsers
Firefox (50%)
Internet Explorer (16%)
Chrome (12%)
Opera (10%)
Safari (5%)
Mobile (3%)
Mobile Safari (<1%)


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