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World's Most Famous Newlyweds Make International Headlines, Attend Dominion Day Celebrations

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Prince William's Speech During Dominion Day
Celebrations on Parliament Hill

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, more popularly known as Will and Kate, joined crowds number about three hundred thousand for Parliament's Hill's annual July 1st Dominion Day celebrations on the second day of their royal tour of Canada.  More than the Governor General David Johnston, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, or any of the popular musical bands that were performing for the day's festivities, they received the kind of loud welcome usually received by rock stars.  Despite the joyous tone of the celebrations, the message of the day's celebrations was sombre and payed tribute to the sacrifices made by members of Her Majesty's Canadian Armed Forces.  The occasion was appropriate as Canada's Mission in Kandahar winds down, considering the importance of Prince William's own family to the Canadian military, and the tradition in Ottawa of honouring the troops with Red Fridays. The Royal fever and the summer heat combined to create a memorable celebration of Canadian pride that has no doubt left Ottawa with one collective hangover!

Happy Dominion Day! God Save the Queen!