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Victims of Phone Hacking Deserve Justice, But the Narrow Focus on Murdoch is Really about Payback

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The last edition of the News of the World newspaper. Reuters photo

News Corp's tabloids do not have clean hands.  The victims of the phone hacking scandal deserve justice.  That being said, much of the criticism being leveled at Rupert Murdoch is blatant hypocrisy.  The truth is that every Briton knows that Fleet Street is filled with tabloid papers engaging in yellow journalism.  If anyone thinks that News Corp's now defunct News of the World was the only British tabloid engaging in these scandalous practices, they either don't know much about the tabloid industry in the United Kingdom or are lying to themselves.  

The fact is that if British politicians, many of whom as political candidates found it convenient to praise Murdoch when they were looking for endorsements from his papers, are actually serious about cleaning up the tabloid industry in the United Kingdom they would expand the probe far beyond News Corp.  But so far they are not and this shows that, at least for the government and the media in the UK, this has far more to do with payback against Murdoch than justice for the victims of phone hacking.

After all, these politicians in the United Kingdom have long lived in fear from the power of Murdoch's News Corp Empire which controls about forty percent of the UK market. And these rival media companies in the United Kingdom have long been trounced in viewers and readership by Murdoch wherever he has challenged them.  And how quickly we forget that the British public that is now so outraged about the murdered girl having her phone hacked, is the same public whose voracious appetite for reading News of the World and other tabloid trash has made this unethical journalism very profitable.  
Democrats in the US loath Rupert Murdoch for launching
Fox News which they see as having been instrumental in the 
rise of the tea party movement in the US.  It has climbed to 
the number one cable news network in that country.
The payback has gotten so bad that members of the Democrat Party in the US are now pushing the FBI investigation into the practices of News Corp's far more considerable holdings in the US.  Incredibly, these Democrat lawmakers openly admit their motivation is not evidence that 9/11 victims had their cell phones hacked, but that they hope to destroy Murdoch as payback for his "GOP-friendly" Fox News Channel.  So the hypocritical politicians, rival media companies, and unwashed masses are really trying to make themselves look good by pretending this is about justice for the victims of phone hacking.

The truth is that for most of those wagging their fingers at Murdoch this is far more about payback against him for his enormous political influence, ever increasing shares in the English-speaking media market, and the intoxicating lie that one media baron alone is responsible for the yellow journalism plaguing the United Kingdom. Murdoch's company should and will pay for what their employees did. But the incestuous relationship between the United Kingdom's political, media, and working classes that has corrupted British society reveals not one, but many unclean hands.


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