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Edmund Burke


What Would a Taliban Victory in Afghanistan Mean for the Future of NATO?

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It's already being debated amongst the talking heads and experts alike if the Taliban will win by virtue of simply waiting out the US-led NATO forces who are already pulling out in large numbers this summer. If this is so, could NATO's stature in the world weaken? And what new military alliances in the world might become more relevant in the future? The previous US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, already warned of a two-tiered NATO with some countries doing the heavy lifting and others not contributing much. 

It's interesting to note that in Afghanistan all the current and former Commonwealth countries with substantial military forces include the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia all contributed to the hard fighting in the south of Afghanistan. On the other hand, many of the EU members of NATO stayed in the safety of the north knowing that the public in those countries have little appetite for casualties.