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Edmund Burke


Vatican Plans Outreach to Fill Europe's Empty Pews, But is a Lack of Evangelisation the Real Problem?

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 Photo by Jim McGuire 
The Vatican has recently come out and announced a 'War Against European Secularisation' that is to take place during the six-week period of Lent in 2012. The initiative will be centred around workshops to take place in many of Europe's cathedrals in major cities such as Barcelona, Budapest, Brussels, Dublin, Cologne, Lisbon, Liverpool, Paris, Turin, Vienna and Warsaw. Without giving specifics, the Vatican said that these will focus on 'ordinary pastoral care activities'.This is an encouraging development in a continent where the church pews more and more are noticeably empty on Sundays.

The real question is whether or not a lack of evangelisation is the most fundamental problem for the declining number of Europeans attending church. Based on the rapid decline of 'liberal Christian' churches in the United States, and the growth of churches with a 'conservative theology' the answer must be 'no'. If the Catholic Church really wants to be taken seriously again, she must first take herself seriously by confronting her own members who take a secularized, liberal, 'let's accommodate the world' approach to matters of faith.


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