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"Whatever disunites man from God, also disunites man from man...When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."
Edmund Burke


Les bleus sont là: A Song of the Royal and Catholic Army of the Vendée

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After learning more about the French Revolution from Bastille Day it becomes clear that the unsung heroes of the counter-revolutionary Royal and Catholic Army of the Vendée. In fact, some believe that if Napoleon didn't have to dispatch ten thousand soldiers to put down a rebellion in that region that the Battle of Waterloo might never have been won and the murderous onslaught of the French Revolutionaries would never have been halted.
It is unfortunate that the French Fifth Republic has not learned the lessons of Revolution, and insists on embracing the Arab Spring without reservation. Revolution, instead of more freedom, brings about anarchy and even greater bloodshed. After all, French President Nicolas Sarkozy promised his countrymen that the 2011 Military Intervention in Libya would be over by Bastille Day and two days afterwards it still rages on.

The song of these brave martyrs refers to the soldiers of the Revolutionary Army of France
as 'the blues' because of their blue coats.Here is a translation into English of the song sung by the unsung heroes of the Vendée whose sacrifice every freedom-loving Anglophone would do well to remember:

The Blues are There

The blues are there, the cannon roars,
Say, guys, do you fear?
We fear that the world
is to offend our Lord.

Your body will be thrown into the oven,
doomed to disgrace your name.
We have an honor in the world
is the honor of our Lord.

The Blues at home in the round,
drink the blood of your heart.
We hope that the world
is the heart of our Lord.

C'mon guys, the cannon roars,
Go guys we're winners.
We have only glory in the world,
is the victory of the Lord.

France expects issuing it,
and which seeks to give his faith.
We have a hope to live,
is the return of our King.

Come on guys, for our land,
These our ancestors for our faith.
Let the old war cry:
God lives, France and the King!

Bleus sont là
War in the Vendée