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So what is the Protocol for Meeting Royalty?

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William and Kate walk through Victoria Barracks in Windsor, west of London, on June 25, to attend a medal parade for the 1st Battalion Irish Guards Regiment. (Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images)

So what protocol should you follow should you meet the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall during their Royal tour of Canada? The overwhelming answer from aides to the Royal Family is 'just be normal' and 'relax'.  There are very few guidelines for ordinary citizens who meet members of the Royal Family on the street, but there are traditional forms of greeting that you may want to observe:
  • A man may perform a small neck bow and a woman may perform a small curtsy
  • Wait for a Royal to offer their hand first before shaking it and don't shake too hard or long
  • Address the member as 'Your Royal Highness' or 'Sir' or 'Ma'am' thereafter
  • Exception is the Queen who should be addressed as 'Your Majesty' followed by 'Ma'am'
  • Wait for the Royals to approach you and be brief and polite when addressing them