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Edmund Burke


Royal Remarks "a great dishonour", Showed "a lack of class"

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Quebec MNA Amir Khadir protesting outside a store that sells Israeli-made shoes
Quebec MNA Amir Khadir, a naturalized citizen of Canada from Iran, referred to the newly married royal couple as "parasites" ahead of their royal tour through Quebec later this month.  This drew a fast and furious rebuke by the Government of Quebec which said Khadir's remarks were "a great dishonour" and showed "a lack of class." Other Quebec and Canadian politicians have called for him to apologize for his comments. So far the MNA and co-leader of the Quebec Solidaire party, a socialist party that wants Quebec to separate from the rest of Canada, has remained unrepentant over his comments.  Media pundits in Canada have pointed out that the outspoken Khadir has not been on record even once criticizing the human rights record of his country of origin. He has, however, been a loud critic of Israel and once took part in a rally where all the demonstrators threw their shoes at poster of former US President George W. Bush.