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Edmund Burke


Retiring Australian Senator Minchin Says Defeating the Republican Model was Greatest Achievement

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Australian Senator Nick Minchin, who once was the Australia's Finance Minister in the Government of  Prime Minister John Howard, retires and now admits his victories and defeats in public life. Amongst them, he says without hesitation that his greatest achievement was defeating the republican model in the Australian republic referendum in 1999.

The Senator's past efforts to reveal the scam behind the pseudo-science of anthropological global warming should also be highlighted. These efforts are no less admirable than his efforts in the referendum considering that many countries of the industrialized world, which include many members of the Commonwealth, seem hellbent on destroying their own prosperity based on false science as was show by the scandal of Climategate.  

All members of the Commonwealth and admirers of the Queen and should salute this unabashed monarchist who is without question one of the Commonwealth of Australia's most distinguished sons and one of her greatest defenders.  We thank him for his many years of tireless service on behalf the Crown in Australia and wish him well with his retirement from public service.