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Edmund Burke


Demonic Republican Groups in Quebec Seek to Emulate the Vancouver Riots During Royal Visit

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         Reign of Terror Following            Vancouver Riots Following
           the French Revolution             Canucks' Stanley Cup Loss
"The Reseau de Resistance de Quebecois (Quebec Resistance Network, or RRQ), a radical separatist group which wants to form a breakaway French-speaking state, has vowed to make the visit “as disagreeable as possible”. Previous royal visits to French-speaking provinces have been marred by violent demonstrations, and the Duke and Duchess have been briefed by royal aides on the possibility of ugly scenes." - Source, Daily Telegraph

So it sounds as though the same kind of left-wing, anarchist groups that brought us the Vancouver riots are once again hellbent demonstrating their preference for anarchy over monarchy.  If they aren't busy enough protesting against the church, global capitalism, the United States, Israel, than it seems causing trouble for newlywed Royals will suffice for the time being. You have to wonder if American author Anne Coulter isn't onto something when in her new book, Demonic, she traces the spirit of violent anarchy against God's natural order from the French Revolution down to the petty acts of vandalism by Canucks fans in Vancouver.  Let's pray that Montreal riot police in save Canada from another national embarrassment!