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Is Euroscepticism Growing?

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According to at least one news story by The Epoch Times, the short answer would appear to be yes. The flow of refugees from North Africa due to NATO's Mission in Libya to oust Colonel Ghaddafi is putting considerable strain on the EU these days. Still, euroscepticism remains by far the highest among those in the United Kingdom. Here's an excerpt from the article:
Italy and France have had to shelter most of the 25,000 migrants from North Africa since last January, and as a result, they want the European Commission to review the borderless status created by Schengen and possibly even reimpose internal border controls.

William Dartmouth, MEP from the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) calls the Schengen Agreement “unworkable” in 21st century and the proposal to review it “inevitable.”

“All these Tunisians who arrived at Lampedusa [Italy] had absolute rights to go to Paris or Amsterdam, which makes no sense,” said Dartmouth.