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An Alternative to the European Union and the North American Union?

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A leaked cable from the US State Department was recently released by Wikileaks outlining a report from the US Embassy in Ottawa outlining an incremental approach to creating a 'North American Union'. It's easy to dismiss this report as just speculation on the part of American diplomats carried away by the benefits to US security and the economy of such integration. Presumably this report suggested an incremental approach to avoid outcry from both Canadians and Americans at the prospect of each country's sovereignty being eroded. It should also be remembered that this report happened after 9/11 when some in the US Government had concerns about terrorists using Canada as a launching pad to attack the United States.

Nonetheless, the effects of globalization seem to be pushing more countries into larger, supra-national regional states like the European Union as a way to secure greater influence and sovereignty  in the world.  However, the Greek financial crisis has proven that membership in the European Union has proven to be a net liability for the United Kingdom.  Is the trend of globalization toward larger supra-national states something that will continue? If so, is it time for the United Kingdom, Canada, and other Commonwealth countries to consider an alternative to regional supra-national states like the European Union and the North American Union?

At least one group, The United Commonwealth Society, has come up with some proposals to strengthen the Commonwealth of Nations. Here is phase one of their proposal:

"Our goal is the creation of a close economic, cultural and political confederation of members of the Commonwealth of Nations for now known as ‘the Commonwealth Federation’.

Under phase one of this plan, The Commonwealth Federation (or Union) would be composed of a core consisting of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and these countries' overseas territories and associated states, known by the acronym CANZUK (see footnote for list of these countries and territories).

These states would each send representatives to a small federal council with responsibility for limited matters such as trade and defense. Each constituent state would retain its sovereignty."