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Vatican's Secretary of State is Right, Pedophilia Related to Homosexuality and Not Celibacy

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Vatican Secretary of State Tarcsio Bertone

It's no accident that media outlets chose Easter to renew their criticism that Pope Benedict failed to do enough to stop pedophile priests when he was Cardinal Ratzinger. Now a firestorm of criticism has erupted from the usual suspects denouncing the Vatican's number two official, Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone, for saying that pedophilia is linked to homosexuality and not celibacy. Some might remember a post on this site about how political correctness kills. Well, this is a story about political correctness gone amuck as well. For a number of years there has been a substantial and increasing body of evidence linking homosexuality and pedophilia. However, there is no such evidence linking celibacy with pedophilia which is why priests caught abusing children have been closet homosexuals or have strong homosexual tendencies. How many more children have to be abused and have their lives destroyed by homosexuals lurking in society because political correctness is used to cover the truth?


Vatican's Number Two Official: Homosexuality is the Cause of the Sex Abuse Crisis

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