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Opposition Presses Government on 'Credibility Gap' in Responses to Snowdy and Colvin

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Above: Private Investigator Derrick Snowdy
Below: Foreign Service Officer Richard Colvin

The Opposition parties have taken a new angle in questioning the Conservative Government of Canada. They are asking why the Government was so quick to take Private Investigator Derrick Snowdy's allegations against MP Helena Guergis so serioussly, when they were equally quick in dismissing Foreign Service Officer Richard Colvin's allegations about Afghan detainee torture as hearsay. After all, Colvin was promoted by being sent to Canada's Embassy in Washington D.C., whereas Snowdy has a questionable background with recent revelations that he is 13 million dollars in debt. Although this comparison is a stretch, it demonstrates that the Opposition is hammering the Conservatives on the issue of accountability that vaulted them to power in 2006. The Conservatives are increasingly responding by pointing out that their Accountability Act has made the federal government more transparent to Canadians.


As the spin turns, on the Guergis allegations

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