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Karzai is Crazy Alright, Crazy Like a Fox

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The National Post republished an outstanding article written by Fred Kaplan for Slate.com about Afghan President Hamid Karzai‘s recent musings that he would ”join the Taliban” if Western powers didn‘t stop pressuring him to accelerate the pace of reforms in his government. Many Western pundits have wrongly assumed that Karzai has lost his mind by biting the hand that feeds him. Kaplan is right in pointing out that Western leaders need him as much as he needs them and that many were wrong to assume that Karzai was anything like your typical, enlightented Western leader who reveres democracy.

In reality, Karzai and his warlord allies in cabinet are little different than the Taliban in terms of committing brutal acts that we in the West would consider to be war crimes. After all, Karzai comes from the same war-like culture that the Taliban do. Kaplan further points out that Karzai is therefore concerned not with sending Afghan girls to school, but with the survival of his presidency at any cost. So how to explain his increasingly Pro-Taliban comments which have provoked a backlash amongst his NATO sponsors who keep him in power right now? That answer is simple. It is because after 2011, unlike NATO, it is certain the Taliban will still be in Afghanistan.

As was written previously in an article on this blog, President Obama announced defeat in Afghanistan last year at West Point Military Academy.


President Obama Announces July 2011 as Date for Defeat in Afghanistan

Has Karzai gone crazy?

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