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Campaign Web Site Launched: Fly the Canadian Red Ensign to Honour Over Two Million Veterans

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FW: Petition to Fly the Canadian Red Ensign
to Honour Over Two Million Veterans‏
From: canadianconservatives@googlegroups.com
on behalf of g.j.sproule@hotmail.com
Sent: April 8, 2010 3:52:26 AM
To: canadianconservatives@googlegroups.com

The Canadian Red Ensign was our national flag from the early days of Confederation until it was replaced in 1965 by the present flag. No vote was taken, and the citizens of Canada were not asked. The new flag was simply forced through Parliament by the government of the day as part of their plan to "modernise" Canada, and was hoisted up the flagpole as our beautiful Canadian Red Ensign was lowered and retired into oblivion.

Regardless as to what people might or might not think of our present national flag, the fact remains that the Canadian Red Ensign was the flag under which this nation was built, and under which we fought two world wars. It was also the flag that every Canadian born before 1965 had flying over them when they came into this world. It was our flag, and it is an intrinsic and important part of our great Canadian heritage.

The Canadian Red Ensign should be recognised as our nation's historical flag, and ought to be flown alongside the present flag at our historical monuments and institutions, and proudly displayed as the symbol of our nation's history.

This is a petition to have our historical national flag to be flown at the National War Memorial and at the War Museum in Ottawa. Perhaps, once we can have the Canadian Red Ensign flying proudly side by side the Maple Leaf at these important places, the historical flag of Canada will be brought again into the national consciousness as a living part of our Canadian heritage.

Please click on the link below, and simply tick where it indicates "send to all" and send this online petition to our Prime Minister and other members of Parliament and public officials.


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