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Tories Embarrassed Yet Again by Former Conservative MP and Bad Boy Rahim Jaffer

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After leading the Conservatives to an embarrasing defeat in the riding of Edmonton-Strathcona to MP Linda Duncan, Rahim Jaffer has once again managed to embarrass the party. A string of embarrasing episodes from reports of recreational drug use from his shotgun nuptials with MP Helena Guergis, to being charged by the Ontario Provincial Police with drunk driving and cocaine possession have now led to the former MP pleading guilty to reckless driving and paying a small $500 fine. As if this wasn't bad enough for the party, his wife Helena had to apologize for throwing a tantrum at an airport security checkpoint in Charlottetown. Citing her comments making derogatory comments to airport staff and calling the province of Prince Edward Island a 'hellhole", Members of the Opposition are now calling for her resignation as Minister for the Status of Women.

Although getting two serious charges dropped and a light fine levied was good for Jaffer, it has his old colleagues in the Conservative Caucus sitting red-faced today in the House of Commons. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson was visably irate after Liberal MP Anita Neville rose in the floor of the Commons, stating: “Members of this government are always quick to comment on any court judgment that doesn’t align with their get-tough-on-crime rhetoric...They always say, ‘You do the crime. You do the time.’ What then is this government’s comment on the dangerous driver in possession of illicit drugs who gets off with no record and a $500 slap on the wrist?” No stranger to handling embarrasing scandals, Jaffer displayed a cooler head than his former colleagues in commenting on the light penatly than his colleagues saying he took "full responsibility for his actions."


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