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Speech from the Throne Containing Poison Pill Causes Regurgitation in Canadians

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"This is recalibration? It looks more like regurgitation to me..."
- Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff's reaction to the Throne Speech

Although the Liberal leader used the word to mean that the Tory Government is recycling old policies, the reaction of most Canadians upon hearing yesterday's Throne Speech was one of suddenly feeling the need to regurgitate their food. Although most conservatives would be happy that overall the Throne speech by Governor General Michaelle Jean emphasized the need for deep cuts in spending, it was shocking that the speech contained the poison pill that are these eighteen words; 'Our Government will also ask Parliament to examine the original gender-neutral English wording of the national anthem.' Considering how divisive the Great Canadian Flag Debate was, you have to wonder if this is serious policy on the part of Prime Minister Stephen Harper or a diversionary tactic as some have suggested. Besides the out-of-control deficit spending, it looks like there is at least one other reason emerging for a Canadian Tea Party Movement. Considering the reaction of Canadians to the proposal to change the lyrics of 'O Canada', this budget does look far more like regurgitation and not recalibration.


Full text: Speech from the Throne, Mar. 3, 2010

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