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Opposition Strikes Back on 10-Percenters, Prorogation Powers, and Detainee Documents

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Scarborough-Rouge River MP Derek Lee

Since the Government's Speech from the Throne, it appears as though it has been the Opposition that is now driving parliament's agenda. First, the Liberal, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois parties that make up the Opposition successfully passed a motion banning the obnoxious taxpayer-subsidized mail outs known as 'ten-percenters.' After initially fighting the motion, the Conservative Government finally succumbed to pressure from the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation and agreed to end the practice yesterday. Second, the Opposition passed a non-binding motion that would place restrictions on how a Prime Minister may use the powers of prorogation. Although legal experts say that the Governor General would not be bound by this motion, it sets a precedent which no future Governor General could ignore. Lastly, the Opposition led by MP Derek Lee, a recognized expert and prolific writer on parliamentary procedure, have began as motion to censure cabinet ministers for their refusal to hand over Afghan detainee documents. If the Speaker of the House rules that parliamentary privileges have been breached, this process could in theory result in Members of Parliament being in 'contempt in parliament' and forcibly expelled from the House of Commons by the sergeant-at-arms and even imprisoned.


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Derek Lee, M.P.

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