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Liberal Party's 'Big Thinkers' Conference' in Montreal Deserves a Little Thoughtful Credit

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The Liberal Party of Canada and its leader, Michael Ignatieff, held its Canada at 150 Conference this past weekend in Montreal. Dubbed the Liberal Party's 'Big Thinkers' Conference', it featured some well-known Canadians as keynote speakers. These 'big thinkers' included prominent names such Bill Robson of the C.D Howe Institute, Janice Stein of the Munk Centre for International Studies, the former Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge, and others. Most of these speakers are known to Liberal Party members or have close connections to the Liberal Party. However, there were some non-Liberal speakers such as Derek Burney, a former Ambassador to the United States and advisor to Brian Mulroney, who also addressed the Conference. The Conservative Party dubbed the conference as the 'Big Spenders Conference', continuing their caricature of Ignatieff as being out-of-touch with ordinary Canadians and surrounded by fellow pointy-headed elitists.

Interestingly enough, the Liberals didn't so much come out of the weekend's conference talking about policy ideas, but instead emphasized its open and democratic nature in contrast with the 'command-and-control style' of Harper's Conservative Government. Whatever the ultimate significance of this conference, there were three arguments that were brought up by its speakers that are worth repeating. First, that the present Conservative Government has failed to live up to its own promise of a new era of openness to the Canadian public and accountability to Parliament. Two, that the Conservative Government has no credible plan for reigning in the ballooning federal deficit which future generations of Canadians will be saddled with. And three, that the Conservative Government has no serious plan in place to deal with the shortage of young workers who will have to pay pay the increasing tax burden to support aging baby boomers. While it's too early to say whether or not this conference will turn out to be a success for the Liberal Party, there were certainly some valid points raised by its speakers.


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