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Edmund Burke


Flanagan's Reaction to the 2010 Federal Budget "Lord Make Me Chaste, But Not Yet."

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St. Augustine of Hippo

At first the 2010 federal budget sounds fiscally conservative as it seems to emphasize spending cuts and paying down the deficit. However, upon reviewing the budget more closely you come to realize that it continues stimulus spending for this year doesn't call for cuts until the 2011 federal budget. Although the spending freeze is welcome, this means that in a Conservative minority government situation another federal election could derail the government's plan to implement spending cuts in next year's budget. On CBC's Power and Politics with Evan Solomon, Tom Flanagan had a clever response saying that the more he looked at the budget he was reminded by the prayer of St. Augustine: Lord make me chaste, but not yet.


Power & Politics with Evan Solomon - March 4, 2010

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