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A Weekend Review of Recent Events that Have Shaped Canadian Politics

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Recent Event Number One: The largest Catholic publication in Canada, The Catholic Register, condemns Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff for wanting the federal government to fund abortions in the world's poorest countries.

It looks like the the Liberal Party strategy of trying to divide Conservative Party supporters over the abortion issue may have backfired. That is to say that it seems to have further alienated Canadian Catholics from the Liberal Party more than it has divided the Conservatives.

Recent Event Number Two: The government in the Netherlands falls over whether their country's military mission in Afghanistan should be extended to 2011 as the American government has requested of its NATO Allies.

While it's highly unlikely that the same thing could happen in Canada since the two largest parties here agree that 2011 should mark the end of Canada's military mission in Afghanistan, there remains a good possibility that the Canadian government could fall based on its handling of the Afghan detainee issue.

Recent Event Number Three: The Prime Minister's Office has become embroiled in a public dispute between Conservative MP Peter Goldring and Conservative MPs Shelly Glover and Rod Bruinooge over the legacy of none other than Louis Riel.

In response to NDP MP Pat Martin's motion to commemorate Metis leader Louis Riel as a national hero, MP Peter Goldring sent out a letter to his constituents in which he stated that Riel was a 'villain' who fought 'against the Fathers of Confederation'. MP Goldring is right, but the PMO is more concerned about winning votes in Manitoba.


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