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Ovechkin vs Crosby Rivalry Fizzles Out as Team Canada Redeem Themselves Against Russia

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Hockey greats Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby

You have to watch the game between Team Canada and Team Russia in to fully appreciate how well Canada played against the Russians in the men's hockey semi-finals of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics . What was surprising was not just how the Canadian team dominated Russia in all aspects of the game, but how empty all the media hype turned out to be on the rivalry between hockey superstars Alexander Ovechkin of Russian and Sidney Crosby of Canada. "Alexander the Great" and "Sid the Kid" are widely considered to be the world's two greatest hockey players at this time, but neither put up any points in this game.

Canada's 7-3 triumph over the top-rated Russian hockey team was a surprise with many, including Ovechkin himself, crediting the stunning victory to the ferocious onslaught with which the Canucks came out in the first five minutes of the game. Whatever doubts Canadians had about winning gold in men's Olympic hockey after Team Canada's 3-5 loss to the U.S.A. last Sunday, were banished by their outstanding performance against Team Russia. It's more likely that there could be an exciting Team Canada rematch against Team U.S.A. for the gold medal. Whatever the tournament's outcome, Team Canada has redeemed their country's reputation for producing many of the best players of 'Canada's sport' in the world.


Canada blows out Russia 7-3; Crosby, Ovechkin not a factor

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