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MP Bernier Causes Waves in the Canadian Media with Comments on Climate Change

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What is certain is that it would be irresponsible to spend billions of dollars and to impose unnecessarily stringent regulations to solve a problem whose gravity we still are not certain about. The alarmism that has often characterized this debate is no longer appropriate. Canada is wise to be cautious. - MP Maxime Bernier, Greenhouse gases: Caution is the right stance for Canada

Maxime Bernier, MP for Beauce, writes an opinion letter that is causing waves across the country's media. In it he reveals the importance of being a climate change skeptic in light of the numerous errors that are now being reported in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC's scientific results. The climate change alarmists and their socialist allies, many of whom were probably the same folks who told us that Y2K was going to bring catastrophe to the world, are so upset at Bernier for questioning the orthodoxy of climate change that they're now deriding him as Canada's Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile, Environment Minister Jim Prentice demonstrates on the CBC's Power and Politics why many of the Conservative Party faithful are tuning Bernier in, and tuning the Harper government out. My guess is that if the timing of the news on his opinion letter hadn't coincided with the Canada vs Russia men's Olympic hockey game, that there would be even more media fury at Bernier for being a so-called 'climate change denier'. Could the Beauce MP become a serious contender for the leader of the Conservative Party in the next leadership race? If he keeps speaking to the conservative base of the party like he has been of late, then it's looking more and more that he will be.


Greenhouse gases: Caution is the right stance for Canada

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Environment Minister Jim Prentice discusses Washington climate-change conference and MP Maxime Bernier's skeptical remarks

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