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Maxime Bernier is the New Knight in Shining Armour for Conservatism in Canada

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A speech delivered in Calgary entitled "My vision of conservatism" by Maxime Bernier, Member of Parliament for Beauce, has suddenly become all the talk of conservatives in Canada. With the Harper Government all but abandoning fiscal conservatism in favour of stimulus spending, is it little wonder that MP Bernier was passed over for a portfolio in the recent cabinet shuffle? It's truly refreshing for conservatives to hear a Conservative MP actually speak like a real conservative, rather than hear one mouth the usual platitudes and PMO talking points about the 'extraordinary economic times' we live in. What's really extraordinary is that anyone could still believe in Keynesian economics despite all the historical evidence pointing to U.S. Presidents Franklin Roosevelt's 'New Deal' and Lyndon Johnson's 'Great Society' as abysmal failures. Not to mention how U.S. President Barack Obama's last stimulus package has turned out to be a colossal failure. Good on Maxime for standing up to this Keynesian nonsense and speaking the truth!


Maxime Bernier's Blog: Press review: my Calgary speech

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