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Law Professor and Retired Military Colonel Say Government Makes 'a Mockery of Parliament'

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The last MP to be censured by Parliament was Louis Riel. He was later hanged for treason.

Further capitalizing on the Tory Government's mistake of proroguing parliament, the opposition formed an ad-hoc committee to keep the issue of the Afghan detainee issue alive. Many Canadians, including former Harper advisor Tom Flanagan, believe that parliament was prorogued in order to shut down the Afghan detainee issue. As Don Martin explained in his piece Tories resort to damage control in the National Post today, there is little evidence that the Tory government prorogued parliament to recalibrate or form any new agenda.

Meanwhile, the Opposition party MPs forming the ad-hoc committee heard from University of Ottawa Professor Errol Mendes and Retired Military Colonel Michel Drapeau. These two legal experts urged members of the committee to hold the government accountable and uphold the democratic principle of the supremacy of parliament. These experts did not mince their words urging the Opposition members to "leave no stone unturned" and that the Government's refusal to hand over documents was "unconstitutional" and "makes a mockery of Parliament".

The Tories have responded by sending out flyers this week that accuse the Opposition of smearing the reputation of Canadian soldiers. Denying the Opposition is calling the conduct of Canadian soldiers into question, Liberal MP Bob Rae responded by calling the flyers "poisonous". Mendes and other legal experts have urged Members of Parliament to use a drastic and seldom invoked parliamentary power of censure to pry the documents from the government. The last MP to be censured by Canada's parliament was MP Louis Riel for his role in the Red River Rebellion.


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Tories making 'mockery' of Parliament by withholding Afghan documents: legal expert

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