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In One Golden Moment Sid the Kid Meets Destiny, Becomes One of Canada's Hockey Legends

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Sidney Crosby ensured that the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Men's Hockey Gold Medal Gamebetween Team Canada and Team USA will be remembered forever by Canadians. In a moment that will be remembered alongside the 1972 Summit Series goal by Paul Henderson and the 1987 Canada cup goal scored by Mario Lemieux, the 22-year old superstar instantly became a hockey legend by scoring the winning goal in overtime against Team USA. 'The Golden Goal' both instantly transformed the world's best hockey superstar into a hockey legend and reclaimed Canada's birthright to produce the greatest hockey players in the world. As Crosby said in a post-game interview, "I dreamed of this moment...Every kid dreams of that opportunity. It could have been anybody else. It could have been anybody in that room." But despite Crosby's typical Canadian humility, Team Canada General Manager and former NHL superstar Steve Yzerman discounted the notion that any of Team Canada's players could have made that historic goal, saying:

“He’s got a little bit of destiny to him...It’s another monumental moment in his career. He’s a special, special guy. Like Gretzky.”


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