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Ignatieff Finally Puts Forth a Liberal Platform to Challenge Harper's Conservatives

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The National Post editorial yesterday rightly congratulated Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff on putting forward a substantial policy document in an open letter to Prime Minister Harper. Last fall Ignatieff was widely criticized for telling Prime Minister Harper that 'your time is up' before first defining for Canadians what the Liberal Party's policies would be as an alternative. It appears as though Ignatieff has learned from last fall that Canadians reject rabid partisanship and want to see political parties get to work in areas of mutual interest for the benefit of Canadians.

Although Ignatieff begins the letter by capitalizing on the Conservative Government's unpopularity due to prorogation, the overall tone of the letter is largely one of bipartisan cooperation. It seems as though whether or not bipartisanship works or not, Canadians do not trust political leaders who attack every single action or proposal made by a rival party for political gain. The National Post editor is right in that whatever you think of the the merits of policies Ignatieff proposes, he deserves credit for at least producing an agenda that could serve as a substantial Liberal platform in the next session of parliament that begins in March.


Michael Ignatieff produces an agenda

Leader of the Opposition's Open Letter to Prime Minister Harper

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