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Campaign to Fly the Red Ensign Permanently Outside the Canadian War Museum Underway

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The recent death of the last known Canadian World War I Veteran, John Babcock, has prompted Veteran Affairs Canada to look into ways both to honour both his service and an entire era of Canadian veterans. A private family funeral service for John Babcock will be held tommorow in Spokane, Washington where he has lived most of his life. A spokesman for the department has said that an "end of era" service is being planned and the Royal Canadian Legion confirmed its involvement. Meanwhile, Bill Danby of Kingston, Ontario and Bill Bishop of Maple Ridge, B.C. have begun a campaign to fly the Canadian Red Ensign permanently outside the Canadian War Museum as a tribute to Babcock and Canadian veterans. They argue that it is absurd that there is no presence at the museum of the flag that veterans of both World Wars and the Korean War fought under. In 2007, Babcock and other veterans successfully lobbied the prime minister to fly the Red Ensign at the Canadian Vimy War Memorial in France.


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