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Psychic Makes Predictable Political Predictions

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It must be a slow news day because one of the top stories are predictions made by psychic Blair Robertson on how the political landscape will change in 2010. These predictions are things that any amateur political commentator predict. Among his predictions are the following with my predictions included underneath:

Psychic's prediction: That a major political leader in the world will die in a plane crash.

My prediction: Historically, many celebrities and politicians have died in plane crashes so I predict two major political leaders will die in plane crashes.

Psychic's prediction: That Canadians will have an April election and the the Tories will gain a majority.

My prediction: The election will be in March after the Speech from the Throne so as to prevent the Opposition from asking about the Afghan detainee scandal in parliament. The Prime Minister will try to gain a majority so he can shut down the parliamentary committee inquiring into the scandal, but he will get another minority.

Psychic's prediction: That Michael Ignatieff will be pushed out and Bob Rae will take over as Liberal leader within 90 days.

My prediction: Michael Ignatieff will be replaced by Bob Rae but no sooner than six months. The reason being that Rae and the Chretienites of the Liberal Party will not want to take over until the party coffers are full and the war room election ready.

Psychic's prediction: That there will be a major security breach on Parliament Hill which is going to bring about considerable embarrassment.

My prediction: There will be a number of security breaches on Parliament Hill. The security on Parliament Hill has never been as tight as it should be.

Psychic's prediction: That there's going to be a scandal in the Green Party involving Elizabeth May within six months.

My prediction: I agree with this one. In fact, every time this woman opens her mouth it is a scandal. Like when she said that reducing CO2 emissions will reduce poverty and the incidence of AIDs. Watch here.

Psychic's prediction: That Alberta's Wildrose Alliance Party will drastically alter the political landscape in both federal and provincial politics.

My prediction: The Wildrose Alliance Party will win almost all the seats in Calgary in the next provincial election and a couple in rural Alberta. The PC Party will push out Ed Stelmach as leader and replace him with Ted Morton, who will lead the PCs to a slim majority in the next provincial election against the Wildrose Alliance.


Tories set for majority: Psychic

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