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Press Conference Puts a Human Face on the Governor General's Office

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In a rare display of raw emotion for the occupant of a regal office, the Governor General put a human face on a terrible human tragedy. Haitian-born Governor General Michaelle Jean was moved to tears during a brief press conference today about the tragic earthquake that has devastated her homeland. Struggling to come to words, she spoke movingly about her concern for the people of Haiti. The Governor General's face revealed tremendous compassion for those affected by the earthquake as she expressed apprehension for the fate of some of her close friends. Jean asked the world to help Haiti, asked Haitians to show courage in the face of the carnage, and thanked Canadians for their tremendous outpouring of support. For an office that is often depressed by the perception of stuffy protocol and aloofness from ordinary people, it was invigorated today by the Governor General's heartfelt display of humanity.


Teary Governor General thanks Canada for aid to Haiti

Message from the Governor General
following the earthquake in Haiti

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