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Opposition MPs Accuse Prime Minister Harper of Breaking His Promise of Senate Reform

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Opposition MPs from both the Liberal and NDP parties have used this period of prorogation to hammer Prime Minister Harper and his minority Conservative Government over their apparent lack respect for democratic institutions. Their daily criticisms of the government's lack of accountability seems to be eroding support for the Conservatives according to a recent Ekos poll. Yesterday, Opposition MPs continued their attacks with Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff stating "He's now broken his promise about Senate reform...It's hypocritical to say, `I'm never going to do what the Liberals did' and then appoint a whole bunch of people – all of them, basically, Conservative loyalists. He keeps promising Senate reform but he never delivers." The Prime Minister defended his appointments by stating that each of them, including Ontario MPP Bob Runciman, supported limiting senators' terms to eight years and other Senate reforms.


Senate appointments called 'old politics'

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