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London Conference Offers Afghans Two Options: Heal Old Wounds or Plunge Into an Inferno

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What a difference a year can make. Perhaps on no other issue facing the free world than on the War on Islamic Terrorism demonstrates. It was only almost one year ago that the administration of President George W. Bush began the War in Afghanistan vowing never to negotiate with that Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists. Then Barack Obama was elected U.S. President on a vague platform of change that included peaceful overtures to the Islamic world. In his State of the Union Address earlier this week, President Obama didn't even devote one paragraph to the War on Islamic Terrorism. Not only was this astonishing for the leader of the free world, but it was also surprising given the President is sending thousands more troops to Afghanistan as well the recent surge of new terrorist threats to Americans from additional countries such as Yemen.

At the insistence of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, it is now obvious that the United States and its NATO allies no longer believe that the Taliban can be defeated militarily. The London Conference on Afghanistan today was supposed to mark the beginning of this new process of political reconciliation. Even as the conference was unfolding Afghanistan's lawmakers expressed doubt that Taliban fighters could be reintegrated into Afghan society. Nonetheless, the corruption-riddled administration President Hamid Karzai and NATO leaders now say that reconciliation with low-level Taliban fighters not connected with Al-Qaeda is the only path to ending the war. The London Conference concluded that Afghans themselves must find a way to heal old wounds, or their country will again plunge into an inferno that threatens the security of the whole world.


Peace or nightmare: London conference leaves Afghanistan with only two options

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