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Edmund Burke


Annual École Polytechnique Massacre Ceremonies and Modern Day Feminists

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Each year feminist organizations use the anniversary of the École Polytechnique Massacre to conduct ceremonies to implicitly denigrate men as inherently violent by nature. We're told that as the murderer of fourteen female students Marc Lépine acted out of an psychological condition that predisposed him act on his hatred of women. The solution given by these modern day feminists was the long-gun registry which now is on track to be repealed. Despite the fact that one will likely not meet one Canadian man who sympathizes with his abysmal crime, this tragedy is not held up for particular tragic experience of one man but an indictment of all men. The outdated notion that the murderer could be a product of the breakdown of the nuclear family in modern society is never considered. So while I abhor violence against women and all human beings for that matter, I think it's high time to start asking some serious questions about the massacre and how its been used to demean men and force gun control on Canadians. So here tough questions the mainstream media will never ask:

1)Marc Lépine's mother was a lapsed Catholic and didn't raise him to believe in God and understand right from wrong. Could his supposed mental illness really just be good ol'fashioned atheism and the ensuing vacuum of moral relativism?

2)Marc Lépine was raised by a single mother, lacked a father figure, and desired the fraternal bonds of the military. Could lacking a loving father or any strong male role model in his life possibly have contributed to his emotional instability?

3)Marc Lépine was born as Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi to a Muslim father from Algeria. While not a devout Muslim, his father held misogynist views typical of Islamists. Could his father's Islamic attitudes have influenced his views toward women?

4)Marc Lépine picked up an application for a firearms-acquisition certificate and purchased a Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic rifle at a local sporting goods store. Could a gun registry stop someone with no criminal record from committing murder?

5)Marc Lépine wrote in suicide letter on the day of the shooting that he was committing his crime for political reasons. There have been violent acts perpetrated by women for political ends. Should these acts of misandry also be remembered every year?


École Polytechnique marks grim anniversary

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