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Ransom Paid, Canadian Journalist in Somalia Freed

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Canadian Journalist Amanda Lindhout was freed yesterday after being abducted and spending fifteen months in captivity. Her colleague Australia journalist Nigel Brennan was also in captivity for that time and was also freed yesterday. The families of both families became frustrated with the failure of the Canadian and Australian governments to make any headway in securing their release. So both families raised money to pay a $600,000 ransom and hired a private firm to negotiate the price of the ransom and the release of the journalists. The Canadian Government was quick to state that while it was good news for Canada, that it had no role in the payment of ransom or negotiating the release. The government was right to state it had no role in negotiating the ransom. Had the government done so it would set a precedence that would encourage terrorist and criminal groups to kidnap Canadians to extort money from the Canadian Government.


Kidnapped Canadian journalist Lindhout reaches freedom in Nairobi

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