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Edmund Burke


Protests for Khadr Show that Political Correctness Kills

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This past weekend several dozen protestors in Edmonton displayed their colossal ignorance by demanding that Canadian citizen Omar Khadr be repatriated. As a young man Omar Khadr threw a grenade that killed a U.S. soldier and was subsequently detained by American forces at Guantanamo Bay. The protestors claim that Omar Khadr was subjected to torture at Guantanamo because of the enhanced interrogation techniques used by CIA officials to obtain information to prevent future terrorist attacks. While these techniques subject terrorist detainees to extreme psychological duress, they are conducted to ensure that no permanent physical harm is inflicted.

I'd like to pose a question to these protestors which is, "Were their protests when young German soldiers were captured and interrogated during World War II?" Of course, back then human rights organisations and our own media didn't side with enemies that wanted to destroy our civilisation. Meanwhile, the courts may try to undermine the Canadian constitution and usurp the right of our federal government to determine our foreign policy. God help the civilised world if we go back to a pre-911 mindset due to political correctness, because we will see more incidents like the Fort Hood massacre.


Rally held in Edmonton to demand Omar Khadr be sent back to Canada

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