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Passage of Bill C-301 Fires the Opening Shots at the Long-gun Registry

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The long-gun registry is not dead but with the passage of Bill C-301 in Parliament it has been mortally wounded. The Conservative Government along with a few Liberal and New Democrat MPs from rural ridings have set the stage for the gun registry to be scrapped. The gun registry has been one of those issues where emotion has trumped the facts and to some extent pitted urban Canadians against rural Canadians. The facts are that no more than 2% of all gun crimes in Canada are with long guns, 97% of guns confiscated in Vancouver were semi or fully automatic guns illegally smuggled from outside the country, and that the long gun is primarily used by rural Canadians by farmers and hunters.

Besides the huge cost overruns in the hundreds of millions of dollars, urban Canadians never minded the registry as much because they do not depend on the long gun for the livelihoods nor do they use it for recreational activities as much. Abolishing this registry was never about making it easier to get guns, but doing away with an ineffective system that was constantly going over budget. Furthermore, many police chiefs outside of large urban centres like Toronto and Montreal have spoken out against the registry. Lastly, there will still be a system in place to deal with restricted weapons and handguns which are the weapons of choice in the vast majority of crimes involving guns.

The Conservative Government has not done very much to implement an actual conservative agenda since forming government, but passing this piece of legislation is something that all conservatives in Canada should applaud.


Long-gun registry one step closer to being scrapped

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