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The Paradox of the 13th Man for the Saskatchewan Roughriders

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The 97th Grey Cup may be unique in that it is remembered for being the game that the Saskatchewan Roughriders lost, instead of the game that the Montreal Alouettes won. Played in McMahon Stadium in Calgary, the game attracted many fans from Rider Nation to come cheer their underdog Roughriders in the championship game of the Canadian Football League. The CFL's most devoted fans, Riders Nation fans are often referred to as "the 13th man" for bringing so much energy to the Roughriders team that they have the effect of providing them an extra player on the field. It was the first Grey Cup for rookie Roughriders quarterback Darian Durant, although his team won the Grey Cup in 2007. For legendary quarter back Anthony Calvillo and the Alouettes the challenge was no less daunting, having one only won once from half a dozen Grey Cup appearances in the past decade.

The first half seemed to put the Roughriders in the position to win the football game as they led by two touchdowns at the half. Montreal's veteran kicker David Duval really struggled in the first half and at one point kicked a punt that only saw the football go seven yards! In the fourth quarter Calvillo and his team showed their veteran status by putting themselves within two points of the Roughriders in the closing minutes of the game. In the closing seconds of the game Duval missed a 43-yard field goal attempt and it looked as if Saskatchewan had won it. But the flags on the field indicated that Saskatchewan had one too many men on the field, and on the second 33-yard attempt Duval made no mistake and redeemed himself. Ironically, it was the '13th man' that ended up costing the Roughriders the game.


Riders won’t confirm identity of 13th man

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